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Saturday, 20 February 2021

PDP Crisis: Olopoeyan carpets Makinde’s ally over comment on Fayose

  PDP Crisis: Olopoeyan carpets Makinde’s ally over comment on Fayose

The internal crisis rocking the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the southwest took another dimension, weekend, as a chieftain of the party in Oyo State, Alhaji Bisi Olopoeyan, lambasted Governor Seyi Makinde’s ally, Senator Hosea Agboola, popularly called ‘Alleluyah’ for describing former Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State as more of a liability than an asset to the umbrella party.

Olopoeyan, in an interview with Sunday Vanguard, described Agboola as a certified failure, who has lost his political value in Oke-Ogun and the state, he (Alleluyah) is a failure in politics, businesses and even in appearance.

Further reacting to Sen Agboola’s comment on Fayose, Olopoeyan said, it is more embarrassing hearing such a statement from “an old fashioned politician like Hosea Agboola.”

He said: “It is unethical for someone like Alleluyah to open his mouth to speak bad of ex- Ekiti Governor, Ayodele Fayose. Comparing the political relevance of Fayose with that of expired Hosea Agboola is like comparing the living with the dead.”
“I didn’t know what Alleluyah was thinking as of the time he was about to grant the interview. Even if he does not understand the question asked by the journalist, he was supposed to have avoided it, not for him to go astray.”
“How will a one term lucky senator, with no bill and motion at the senate for a whole four years says a two term governor failed severally as a politician? Fayose is very relevant in Nigerian politics but ask Alleluyah to point out where he is relevant politically. His failure made him to get less than 30,000 votes as a returning senator in Oke-Ogun 2015.”
“Alleluyah has lost his value since he came back from the Senate. Ask him how many Oke-Ogun people of substance can Alleluyah boast as members of his group? Ask him to point out a single project he did in his senatorial district as senator, ask him a bill that was passed under his name, ask him number of motions he raised while at the Red Chambers. A senator with no bill and motion, is that one not a failed senator?”
“It is high time he explained how he spent all the constituency allowances given to him while in Senate. Oke-Ogun people need to ask him to go and complete or refund all the money of all the Federal Government projects abandoned by him.”
 “As a businessman, he is also a certified failed gentleman. A man that can’t manage own private business, is that one not a failure? Go and find out, his hotels now homes for rats and many of his petrol stations and other businesses are under lock and key.”
How can a man who always dresses like a village councillor to public functions address Fayose a failure, is there anyway he thinks he is a match to Fayose? I just need to ask because his statement baffles me.”
 “For Alleluyah to have said Makinde won, when the opposition was and still at the centre (national), this means his is also part of the ingrates. How would Makinde could have won 2019 election without the help of coalition? For him to have made such statement that means he is the devil blindfolding Makinde.”
“It is glaring that Alleluyah is the brain behind Makinde’s recalcitrant and inability to compensate those who worked for his success.”
 “Alleluyah has always been an evil, what he knows best is politics of bitterness, even Ladoja and Akala that made him, he betrayed them all, he is the one who spoiled the show for Teslim Folarin in 2015.”
“He, Alleluyah that is now giving credit to Makinde has forgotten how many times I begged him to come and support Makinde while he kept telling me Seyi Makinde has no credibility to win a governorship election in Oyo State. Has he forgotten how I laboured so had to link him with Makinde at Farinto’s house, around February 2016 in Akobo, Ibadan ? anybody can ask Hon. Farinto or Governor Makinde if had lied.”
“It is very pathetic now for Alleluyah doing an errand boy for Governor Makinde while seeing himself as a leader.”
“To me, it was Aalleluyah who must have woken up from the wrong side of the bed, for him to have uttered such a senseless statement to Ayo Fayose.”

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