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Friday, 30 April 2021

Alapinni condemned on his yet to be released film


The Chairman, Ogun State  Traditional Worshippers  Association (TWASO),  Oluwo Faniyi  Fasola has kicked against about -to -be -released film by Ganiu Nafiu in which 'Egungun' is made to have sexual intercourse with a lady.

Oluwo Fasola while fielding the journalists during an interview  at his resident in Ota added that as the  president, Ancestral Pride Foundation, their primary objective is to promote African Social Cultural heritage adding that ègúngun has to do with ancestors and is a connection between human being and their dead parents adding that caution has to be exercised  for the preservation of our cultural heritage especially while shooting a film.

The President Ancestral Foundation, Oluwo Faniyi urged the Censor board and authority concerned not to allow such a film to be released into the society which in no doubt will tarnish our Yoruba beliefs and culture.

Faniyi reiterated that the association will not hesitate to take Ganiu Nafiu (Alapinni)into the court of law if the film is eventually released calling on our Yoruba kingship and well meaning Yoruba indigene to rise up and kick against any act that can bastardise our cultural heritage.

"We are all products of "Iseese" one way or the other, it encompasses various facets of live and encapsulates all the ramifications,  iseese means what binds us to our past either as a family, as tribe or as a nation, as far as we all eat and put on native food and clothes, we are practicing iṣẹṣẹ, when we have dead parents, iṣẹṣẹ festival is a means of communicating with our ancestors and deities , Egungun is crucial in traditional belief", Faniyi added.

He enjoined the Ministry of Tourism and Culture in our South West State to take a cogent step to actualise the stoppage of this film and always fashion out strategy to improve on the preservation of our cultural heritage.

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