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Tuesday, 6 April 2021

We can correct the future by documenting the past – Adegbola

  We can correct the future by documenting the past – Adegbola

A cultural writer and author of books on the Yoruba history and culture, Prince Adelegan Adegbola has cautioned that it will be difficult to correct the challenges of today without reflecting on the past, saying documentation of the past history of a people will help to know how to tackle the issues of today.

Adegbola said, with many challenges that Nigeria is grappling today with, such as kidnapping, banditry, herdsmen and farmers’ clashes including other crimes, can easily be sorted out, if the people can recall histories in the past, and find how the ancestors dealt with such situation. He said that history, well documented, can tell the truth while science can investigate and confirm.

Speaking in Ibadan Oyo State during the launch of his new history book titled; “Sooko Awodeyin” a historical book on the ancient Ogbooru dynasty – founder of Ita-Akun Kingdom in Osun State, Adegbola noted that in this current clime of uncertainty, where dissemination of falsehood is the order of the day, he is convinced that the people need to know more about the fundamentals of human creation, race, existence history and civilization through books of records.

“As a people, we cannot just continue living by lies, fallacies and deceit, and expecting the development of values to grow. The study of the past is necessary in order to unravel the mysteries of the present and constructive plan for the future. Without the past, the present is meaningless and the future uncertain,” Adegbola said.

Giving an insight about the book, ‘Sooko,’ he said, “This is another of my contribution in keeping the legacy of Yoruba culture and heritage of the people. The past is necessary in everything, even in family life.  The book is on Itakun in Osun that encompasses many other kingdoms.”

According to him; “Ita-Akun is a very fundamental history to the Yoruba people particularly in Ife. It was founded during the dethronement of one of the Ooni of Ife, Ooni Ogbooru, because the people think he lived long than enough and had planned for him to die after 70 years on throne. They used Ifa fallacy theory to disposes him of his throne and he left and founded another kingdom with his sons that make up the Ita-Akun Kingdom” Adegbola added.

Adegbola noted that the essence of the book is to bring out knowledgeable and educative facts about the history of Obaship in Yoruba land. According him, every King must be a custodian of history and heritage of the people. He said that Itakun has established their history and have been building a sustainable legacy that will serve as peoples’ heritage.

Also speaking at the launch, Barrister Irabo O.J, SAN, chairman of the occasion noted that documentation of people’s history has become important in order not to lose identity and heritage.

“I am so grateful for this book and what the Sooko descendants have done by writing this book, for children yet unborn will come to salute the effort. One thing about history is that if you document your history, nobody can dispute it. But if an outsider writes your history for you, he will write it in such a way it will favour him,” says Irabor.

The event witnessed large crowd of cultural enthusiasts from all walks of life, academics and many descendants of Ita-Akun community who came to celebrate their own history book. The reviewer of the book is Professor Ogunfolakan Adisa of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

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