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Monday, 21 June 2021

Heritage Bank MD, Ifie Sekibo May Land In Trouble As Staff Storm Andy Uba’s House For Debt Payment

  Heritage Bank MD, Ifie Sekibo May Land In Trouble As Staff Storm Andy Uba’s House For Debt Payment

TRIXX NG reports that one of Nigeria’s banking giants, Heritage Bank and its CEO/MD, Mr Ifie Sekibo may be landing in trouble soon as some of the bank’s debt recovery team were seen at the residence of a customer who is also a popular figure in Nigeria, Senator Andy Uba over bad debt.

In a video making rounds on the social media, a good number of staffers were seen at the Abuja residence of the serving senator carrying placards with some inscriptions asking the senator to pay his debt to Heritage bank.

The narrator in the video was also heard confirming that they were actually staff of Heritage Bank and that they all will lose their jobs if Senator Andy Uba doesn’t pay up his debt.


Heritage Bank staff (Abuja) gathered at Senator Andy Uba's House for a peaceful "meeting" over outstanding loans.
The Senator is running to be Anambra Gov… pic.twitter.com/9jDHizv0Dn

— Just Arthur… (@KingArthurOG) June 21, 2021

In order to establish the truth about the people seen at the Senator’s residence, TRIXX NG spoke with a top executive of the bank’s corporate communication team (Names withheld), and he confirmed to our reporter that everything in the video including the narration is nothing but the truth.

As this bombardment by the bank has been confirmed to be true, then there is no way the bank’s MD and board of directors will not know about it, which now brings the Bank’s financial management to question.

It is a known fact anywhere in the world that whenever an individual requests for a loan in the bank, He or she is asked for a collateral, no matter how influential or important the person is just incase the person is unable to pay back and in most cases, the collateral is always costlier than the loan in order to be on a safer side. Several people have begun to raise concerns and questions whether the bank requested for a collateral or not before giving out the loan.

If the bank didn’t ask for a collateral during the process of the loan, then it means the bank has gone against the rule that guides awarding of loans as provided by the central bank of Nigeria.

Of a truth, there has never been a time when Bank staffs go to the houses of their debtors to pursue debts except microfinance banks like Lift Above Poverty Organization (LAPO).

Although, the narrator in the video mentioned that the bank’s staffers was at the house of the senator for a peaceful meeting but it has turned to a defamation technique, judging by the fact that the man in question is running for the Anambra governorship election which will be held in November and when has it become the responsibility of staffers to hold meeting with clients?

With the way the matter has escalated to the public space, the senator may decide to drag the bank, its MD, Ifie Sekibo to court for libel and defamation. If he wins, the bank may have to pay heavily which will have a more adverse effect on the bank. Also, if the central bank of Nigeria look into the matter, the board of directors may also be affected for allowing such development to fly in the media space.

Heritage bank, with this development will lose lot of potential clients because anyone who sees this will definitely not be cool with this. Every company, prominent individuals owe debts and there are ways banks recover it from them without making noise about it. No doubt, Heritage Bank has made a huge mistake with this.

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