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Thursday, 15 July 2021

Pharmacist donates pads to students.

Pharmacist donates pads to students.

Moved by the need to encourage young girls, especially those in rural areas overcome absence in school during their menses as well as promote hygiene, a US-based Pharmacist and Public health advocate, Mrs Shola Gandhi-Adeyemo, has donated Longrich sanitary pads to over a hundred girls.

The girls, all students of Anglican Grammar School, Oyedeji, Lagelu Local Government Area of Oyo State were also educated on promoting hygiene during their menses.

While speaking during the presentation which held on the school assembly ground, Mrs Shola Gandhi-Adeyemo said she was moved by the need to support young girls who cannot afford sanitary pads in the poor rural communities so as not to see their menstrual period as a time to feel bad and be limited as a female.

The donor, member of Team Awesome, a group under Longrich Bioscience International led by Mrs Adebisi Kuforiji, said the donation is in compliance with the directive of the team lead for members to finding ways to have a positive impact on adolescent girls, especially in the rural areas across the country.

She said: “Mestruation is an important part of every woman’s life and there is a need to ensure that sanitary wear is available and is of the best quality.

“Innovative companies like Longrich Bioscience International have now come up with magnetic sanitary pads and panty liners that have amazing effects, different from the usual products available locally.

“Myself and my donors know that some girls have had to stay home during their menses or have had to use unsanitary ways to take care of their menstrual cycle.

“Our aim is to keep our girls in school so that they would not be missing school because they cannot afford sanitary pads and therefore end up being behind in class compared to their male classmates or end up using unsanitary methods to be able to go to class.”


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