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Saturday, 24 July 2021

Traditionalists urge Ogun Assembly to dismiss bill on installation, burial of Obas

Traditionalists urge Ogun Assembly to dismiss bill on lnstallation, Burial of Obas

The traditional worshipers in Ogun State, under the aegis of Isese Practitioners, have asked members of the Ogun State House of Assembly to dismiss the bill on the lnstallation and Burial of traditional rulers in the State.

The traditional rulers said this during a press briefing, after submitting the memorandum of the traditional worshippers of Ogun State of Nigeria as against paragraphs 52 and 53 of the

proposed bill No. H.B. 069/OG/2021 Titled " Preservation of Traditional Rulers" Rights To be buried according to their religion and belief.

The traditional worshipers  frowned on the Bill titled ‘Obas, Chiefs, Council of Obas and Traditional Council law of Ogun State, 2021’, saying that The Assembly should not pass the bill into law.

The traditionalists while reacting to the bill before the lawmakers, argued that the bill if passed,  will eradicate all traditional rites that take place during the stool of Obaship in the state.

According to Oluwo of Iperu land, High Chief (Prince) Ifasola Opeodu said whoever wants to be a king must be ready to abide by customs and traditions that guide the stool, stressing that nobody was forced to be a king.

He complained that if the bill scales through and signed into law, it will constitute an infringement on the rights of the traditional worshippers and may promote war, chaos and pandemonium in the community.

“Obaship institution is contained under the traditional institution, as such, anybody who voluntarily gives himself out or permits or volunteers himself to be crowned and installed as a king under the Yoruba culture and traditional institution, will immediately attain status of the second in command to the oracle of their respective lands and domain.

“Having agreed, accepted and concurred to fall in line and abide with rules, regulations, doctrines and practices of such tradition, such person should abide by the tradition.”

" Consequently, the idea of passing the selfish bill into law by Ogun State Law Maker is hereby vehemently opposed and the House of Assembly under RT. Hon. Oluomo the speaker and Hon. Akeem Agbolade Balogun ( Deputy Speaker ) are hereby urged to halt and stay further debate on the said proposed Bill No. HB. 069/OG/2021", Opeodu said.

While calling on members of the State House of Assembly to stop the passage of the Bill to maintain peace and order in the state, said the Bill will create a deficiency in the traditional institution that will remain impossible to correct.

He said, “The lawmakers had no business legislating over the installation and burial rites of traditional rulers.

Opeodu added that the proposed Bill is based on mere sentiment and hearsay account of the members of house of Assembly in Ogun State lamenting  that the State lawmakers with their attitude on the bill had rubbished the prestigious history, values, culture and tradition of the Yoruba people.

" Without prejudice to rights of Traditional Rulers/ Obas, without undermining their personal interests under the law, the traditional worshipers of Ogun State hereby advice that the Obaship and rulership issues in every community and under the Traditional Institution, is not under the exclusive  power an consideration of Obas. It is the issue that is ought to be jointly considered within the Traditional Institution by the people of common interests and believes, it is an issue for the people who belong to such institution with or without intervention from the government under the principle of ". EJUS DEM GENERIS" and where both the Muslims and the Christians wi be accommodated if they actually belong to the Traditional Institution" high chief Opeodu explained.

He therefore enjoins members of Ogun State House of Assembly to desist from the act of tarnishing the preservation of our Cultural heritage and embrace our Culture for the betterment of all.

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