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Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Cultists invade Lagos, kill policeman, 3 others

Cultists  invade Lagos, kill policeman, 3 others

A policeman and three others were said to have been killed over the weekend by cultists who in­vaded a community at the Gberigbe area of Ikorodu Local Government in La­gos State.

It was gathered that some suspected land-grabbers led some cultists to invade the community, causing mayhem and unrest.

While narrating the inci­dent that culminated to the death of policeman and three others to newsmen, the Sec­retary to the Orelade/Ladera Royal Family of Gberigbe community, Mr. Olayiwola Akanmu, whose family owns the land, said it was after some mobile policemen who had been keeping watch on the community were with­drawn early June this year that made the area vulnerable to incessant cultists attacks, working in cohort with some land grabbers in the vicinity.

When asked if the matter had been reported to the po­lice, Akanmu said the police at Imota Police Station were informed of the matter but has not taken the necessary proactive action to bring the situation under control.

Akanmu narrated that before the incident, there had been palpable tension with­in the community following an alleged previous murder which took place on May 20 after the land-grabbers and cultists who have been ter­rorising the community had a clash with some soldiers on patrol which eventually made the cultists to relocate tempo­rarily out of the community.

It was, however, learnt that after a while the cultists and the land-grabbers came back, the community peti­tioned the police in Abuja, at the homicide section, to investigate the murder that happened when they had a clash with the military boys.

However, the presence of some policemen in the com­munity became a hindrance to the cultists and land grab­bers from terrorising the en­tire community and taking possession of people’s land illegally and reselling to un­suspecting buyers.

In order to remove the policemen from the com­munity, the land grabbers, it was alleged again, peti­tioned X-SQUAD in Abuja led by one ASP Emmanuel and Inspector Rachel who later withdrew the police­men from the community on Friday, August 29, 2021 and the land grabbers and their gangs allegedly in­vaded the community the following day, Saturday, August 21, 2021 to cause mayhem in the commu­nity and in the process gruesomely murdered one policeman and three other persons.

Akanmu said the Gberig­be area of Ikorodu Local Gov­ernment is currently not safe and therefore called on the In­spector-General of Police and other relevant security agen­cies to come to their rescue.

Akanmu added that there was tension in the commu­nity as people could not go about their daily businesses for the fear of another attack.


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