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Thursday, 26 August 2021

Ebenezer Obey: Widower and still single 10 years after wife’s death

 Ebenezer Obey: Widower and still single 10 years after wife’s death

Ebenezer Obey and Juliana Obey
Ten years after the death of Mrs Juliana Fabiyi Obey, her music legend husband, Ebenezer Obey, has yet to remarry. The woman passed away on August 24, after being sick for some time.

While Obey mourned the passage the way many Christians would – feeling pained but committing everything into the hands of God – he has repeatedly spoken about the golden role she played in his life. The love he continues to express for her is very strong.

Sages, including men of God, encourage widows or widowers to remarry to avoid sexual heat, among other reasons. No wonder, top clerics like Deeper Life Founder, J.F. Kumuyi; and CAC Agbala Itura Founder, Samuel Abiara, remarried not too long after they lost their wives. For Obey, however, no time seems too long to wait and remain single again. And not searching!

Ever noting that Juliana was a symbol of anything a good wife could be, Obey would say that their love was so strong that he would not know any other woman who could replace her in his heart and home. The philosophical juju singer and evangelist, who is the founder of the De-Cross Church domiciled in the Iyana-Ipaja area of Lagos, has thus remained a widow who is not searching since 2011.

It is only last year he revisited the matter, saying he could eventually say I DO again. He gave a warning, though: he would not go for a young person. According to him, someone around 60 would do.

He had said, “I can marry at any time; not just for the sake of marriage as it is, but for the sake of companionship, because what else do I want? I have children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren. So I have been blessed. It is not like I am looking for a wife that would conceive babies. As long as I still have life, you will hear when the time for marriage comes.

“Marry a young lady? It’s a foolish old man that will say he wants to marry a young lady. The young lady has just started her life and definitely is virile and strong.”


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