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Monday, 30 August 2021

Igbo’ll welcome law-abiding Fulani herdsmen — Ohanaeze

 Igbo’ll welcome law-abiding Fulani herdsmen — Ohanaeze

Apex Igbo socio-cultural group, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth -Wing, yesterday, said  Igboland would welcome law-abiding Fulani herdsmen to do businesses in the South East region.

The Deputy National President, Youth Wing, Onwuasoanya FCC Jones, disclosed this in a statement  in Owerri.

He said the manner  some people have painted the Igbo as unreceptive of t he Fulani is not true but that the Igbo were interested in justice, equity and mutual respect.

However, he insisted the Igbo  supported the ban on open-grazing in Igboland and the policy of the government of the region to foster peaceful co-existence between the herders and farmers. He warned some individuals who have now used the issue of cattle grazing to stoke ethnic crisis in their interest to stop it.

According to Ohanaeze, “Anyone who has been following events in the last couple of months would observe a desperate and well-coordinated propagation of hateful and near xenophobic rhetoric across different conventional and informal media platforms. The obvious target of the promoters of  these  narratives is to present Ndigbo as being in a kind of cold war or being unreceptive of the Fulani or any other  tribe in this country.

“These divisive elements have also latched on the very contentious issues surrounding the method of cattle grazing acceptable by different groups and regions in the country to advance their hateful  tendencies while pretending to project and protect the interests of Ndigbo and their neighbours.

“It is also saddening that at a time when all stakeholders in Nigeria  are expected to work  for the progress, unity, healing and prosperity  of  our troubled nation, some elements are hiding behind the most frightful form of ethnic nationalism to promote their personal and  group political interests, by cashing  in on mob sentimentalism to sensationalize issues and  discourses instead of encouraging responsible and constructive engagements and promoting the desired harmony for  the peace and progress  of  Igboland especially and Nigeria in  general.”

He continues: “The preponderance of  opinion among Ndigbo at home and in the diaspora show that the ban on open-grazing of cattle anywhere in Igboland is overwhelmingly popular and is  therefore, a settled issue and is not subject to negotiations. However, this does not mean that individual businessmen who wish to invest in cattle ranching anywhere in Igbo and  are barred from doing so. Any policy of government  aimed at fostering peaceful co-existence between herdsmen, farmers and other local populations across Igboland is acceptable and should be encouraged.

“Ndigbo has a right to defend themselves against the invasion of any group of criminals or  terrorists no matter where they may be coming from. Hence, terrorist herdsmen under any guise who are found anywhere close to Ala Igbo will not live to tell their experiences. Any herdsman found with a gun or any kind of weapon, except the sticks with which they  herd their  cattle will be treated as an invader and terrorist.

“We welcome law-abiding Fulani and indeed anyone or group from any part of the country and even from outside the country to  Igbo land to do their businesses, socialize with  us and even acquire and own properties legally  anywhere in Igboland, without fear of extortion or molestation. The Federal Government must respect our decision on  ban on open grazing by ensuring that in creating  or reviewing the so-called grazing routes, southeastern  and indeed all parts of Igboland are not included as  grazing routes.

“Ndigbo shall continue to treat every other Nigerian no matter their tribe, trade or tradition as brothers and friends, as long as no one tried to take our patriotism, hospitality and loyalty to the Constitution of the Federal Republic for granted. The Federal Government and all members of the leadership  class should make conscious  efforts to promote peace based on justice, love based on truth and progress based on equity. This will help  in sending troublemakers and crisis merchants out  of business,” Ohanaeze said.

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